Tortuguero, at the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

Tortuguero, Costa Rica is a unique and exotic place. You will feel transported to an ancient time, discovering unexplored places and an incredible wildlife.

It’s the ideal place to have the best of both worlds: RELAXATION, surrounded by its exotic nature, a quiet romantic scenery, and WILDLIFE ADVENTURES, travelling through the natural water canals, kayaking, fishing and enjoying the wilderness of its abundant flora and fauna.

Tortuguero National Park is one of the most varied within the park system, has 11 ecological habitats, from high rainforest to herbaceous marsh communities.

Behind that, there is a narrow lagoon, connected to the sea at one end and fed by a river at the other, which parallels the beach for its full 35-km length. Back of the lagoon is a coastal rainforest threaded by an infinite maze of serpentine channels and streams fed by rivers flowing from the central mountain ranges and by the rains that fall in the area. On the periphery of the forest lies a complex of swamps.