You have walked for over an hour and the mud is all over you, just like a true adventurer; you’re anxious to get there but you stop continuously to take pictures of the amazing flora and fauna around you… you're about to sit down to rest when, suddenly, in front of you, the vegetation clears to let you witness a breathtaking view. You did it! You’re at the top of the Tortuguero Hill!

With its different types of animals, about 2.000 species of plants, 405 of birds and more than 400 of trees, the Tortuguero National Park, at the Costa Rica´s Caribbean coast, is a natural paradise.

Manatus Hotel, winner of the 2013 Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor, offers you the best amenities surrounded by natural incomparable beauty, so that you can accomplish your dreamed vacation in Tortuguero, at the Caribbean of Costa Rica.

Located in the middle of exotic landscapes, Manatus is ideal for spending quality time with the family, friends, or to escape on a romantic honeymoon trip.

On the Costa Rican Caribbean horizon, you can find a number of natural wonders, from the majestic sunrise to that wonderful event of the turtle nesting on its beautiful beaches.
The wide variety of smells, tastes and colors of our Caribbean cost is mesmerizing, and all the visitors who come for the first time fall deeply in love with it.

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