Meet the Paradise in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica

On the Costa Rican Caribbean horizon, you can find a number of natural wonders, from the majestic sunrise to that wonderful event of the turtle nesting on its beautiful beaches.
The wide variety of smells, tastes and colors of our Caribbean cost is mesmerizing, and all the visitors who come for the first time fall deeply in love with it.

A flock of wild animals will be your company during you visit to the Caribbean:

All persons visiting the Caribbean cost of in our country can be assured they will always have a pleasant company. Hanging of the branches of the trees, there is a great diversity of monkeys cheering up your day; then, you will hear birds whistling when they head to the beach at the tops of the trees. Finally, lots of turtles emerging from the sand will teach you the wonderful gift of life.

The best traditional food is available in the Costa Rican Caribbean cost:

You are going to fall in love with the Caribbean cook of our majestic cost, since the dishes, ingredients and flavors come from a long African heritage. And there is no hint of doubt, you won´t leave leave our Caribbean without tasting our delicious Rice & Beans or our "Patí" accompanied by a mouth watering "frog water” (a drink made with lemon juice and molasses).
Without any doubt, the great wonders of Costa Rica’s Caribbean will leave memories you would love to repeat again and again