The deterioration of the natural ecosystems and the disappearance of species are environmental problems growing since long time ago. The human development model has always been based in the exploitation of the natural resources; but, this has been exceeding the limits of sustainability and it is damaging nature. Hereby the activities to promote sustainability and conservation are necessary.

Tortuguero, Costa Rica, February 28, 2017

DetectaHotel, the purchaser of accommodations with offices in Barcelona, London, Dubai, Bangkok, Seoul and Sydney, has begun an extensive evaluation that includes the different types of accommodations in Costa Rica. This evaluation consisted on collecting data from millions of comments from customers and translate them into an Official Recognition of Excellence. oficial.

Beaches, mangroves, wetlands, waterfalls and other natural destinations become tourist attractions that receive millions of annual visits. They have become a threat to the ecosystems, so the tourist industry has decided to implement ecotourism.

In the midst of stress, work, routine, everyday sounds, children's school, homework and meetings, you need a break; it's time to plan a family vacation, but where to go?

Tortuguero, Limón, Costa Rica – November 2016.  Manatus Hotel was distinguished by Holiday Check as one of the most recommended hotels in Costa Rica.  This award was given due to several assessments and comments made by the visitors of this website regarding Manatus.