Ecotourism, a friendly visit with nature

Beaches, mangroves, wetlands, waterfalls and other natural destinations become tourist attractions that receive millions of annual visits. They have become a threat to the ecosystems, so the tourist industry has decided to implement ecotourism.

The importance of this concept lies mainly in the fact that it encompasses ecological, ethical and sustainable tourism, which seeks the least negative impacts on natural areas and on the population of nearby localities, which allows us to take care of part of our planet, avoiding that tourist activity deteriorate certain areas of natural importance.

To enjoy natural areas with culture and respect

Ecotourism has become a tool for conservation and development that allows seeing the world, landscapes, exotic destinations and different cultures, without implying a negative impact in any aspect. Additionally it takes the task of raising awareness in society; because through the ecotourism trips, it is possible to create respect, environmental and cultural awareness in the individual, regarding its contact with nature.

Through ecotourism reconciliation between cultures is achieved; and that’s because an eco-tourist knows that he must respect 100% the culture of the hosting country.

At Manatus Hotel we are focused on ecotourism, showing the beauties of Tortuguero, Costa Rica and educating about the conservation of the wetlands that surround the hotel facilities.

If you want to become a smart tourist, get to know the wonders of the planet that surround it, and stay in contact with nature without endangering the ecosystems, you have to visit Manatus Hotel, an ecotourism destination and learn more about a healthy coexistence with the natural beauties this planet has to offer.

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