The cutest animal of Tortuguero moves slowly and has sharp claws. Do you know which animal is it?

Tortuguero is known worldwide for the nesting and spawning of sea turtles that visit its beaches every year; yet another animal compete with them when it comes to stealing the attention of tourists: the three-toed sloth (Bradypus variegatus).

With long limbs and sharp claws, sloths are the most unique and tender residents of the province of Limón, Tortuguero, at the Caribbean of Costa Rica.

To locate the sloths, just look towards the top of the Tortuguero trees

We admire the calm and the particular way the sloths spend about 18 hours a day: hanging upside down from the trees. On top of the trees they move smoothly, but on the ground the situation changes, as they move really slow.

That is shown in a video from the travel site, author of a documentary about the Manatus Hotel, the only hotel in Tortuguero with VIP services and air conditioning.

In the images you can see a baby sloth holding its mother, as they do for the first six or nine months of their lives.

Tortuguero, a natural paradise where visitors and animals enjoy nature together

When it comes to eat, twice a day, sloths do no complicate, since they only stretch their arms to reach the leaves from the trees. Some other curious features of the sloths are that they spend a week without getting down from the trees and when they do it is only to relieve themselves; they are agile swimmers and can turn their heads more than 80 degrees!.

When you stay in Tortuguero, at our beautiful hotel, winner of the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, you will witness a lush flora and fauna, including running into the sloths. We assure you that their look, soft fur and serenity -as if they were meditating-, will make you want to hold them.

Besides appreciating animals of several species, at Manatus Hotel you’ll have the opportunity to navigate through the Tortuguero canals, do canopy, kayaking or sport fishing.  A very nice way to get to know the area!

Whether for your honeymoon trip or family vacation, Manatus offers the best facilities in Tortuguero, surrounded by amazing nature, to spend a couple of wonderful days. Book now at (506) 2239-4854.   

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